Why doesn’t diesel filter need bypass valve, but machine filter needs, what’s the difference?

Why doesn’t diesel filter need bypass valve, but machine filter needs, what’s the difference?

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The bypass valve is a safety valve to prevent the oil filter from clogging, causing poor lubrication of the engine, and then damaging the machine parts. Because the engine will not stop after the machine filter is blocked, and the engine will stop after the diesel filter is blocked, and will not damage the machine parts. Therefore, diesel filter does not need a bypass valve.

Function of bypass valve and check valve in oil filter

Bypass valves and check valves are installed in many oil filters, but few people know their role. Below we will briefly introduce the functions and functions of its components.

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Bypass valve

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When the filter is installed with the opening facing down or in a horizontal position, if the engine stops working, the oil will flow back to the oil pan, resulting in no oil in the oil filter. However, when the engine is started next time, in order to ensure the safety of the engine, the oil must be refilled in the entire lubrication system, which prolongs the time for the lubricating oil to reach the engine body for lubrication, and increases the wear of the engine body.

Check valve

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The function of the check valve is to prevent the oil in the filter from drying out and ensure that the filter is filled with oil at any time. When the engine is restarted, the oil can reach the engine body for lubrication almost instantaneously.

When the filter element in the filter is blocked due to excessive impurities, the bypass valve will open, and the lubricating oil will directly enter the engine for lubrication without passing through the filter element. The bypass valve is designed for emergency lubrication, so as not to cause more serious dry wear of the engine due to the lack of lubricant

In other words, the bypass valve of the oil filter element is to prevent the partial oil pressure from being too high after the oil filter is blocked, and the rubber ring is damaged and the oil is leaked. If the diesel filter is dirty, the car will be weak. If it’s blocked, it won’t move, so it can be found.

Post time: May-11-2020