The most easily overlooked accessory by car owners, is your filter okay?

1. Car air filter

Air filters, their job is to filter the dust, smoke and other pollutants in the air into your car. The air filter is placed inside the engine compartment to prevent debris from entering the engine.

Abnormal performance of the air filter

If the car has increased fuel consumption, insufficient power, dirty spark plugs, engine idling, misfire or malfunction, then your air filter needs to be replaced. Generally, the air filter can be cleaned several times before replacement . Depending on the situation, you can clean them with a damp cloth.

Since the price of the air filter is not very expensive, and the role it assumes is very important, car owners who are worried about problems can replace them regularly and frequently. The replacement frequency of the air-conditioning filter and the air filter should take into account the climate difference between the north and the south, and the south should be replaced more frequently. Good air filter products will use double-layer filter paper, double filtration, from coarse filtration to fine filtration, with less resistance, greater dust holding capacity and longer service life.

2. Automobile oil filter

The main function of the oil filter is to filter impurities and dirt in the oil, provide clean lubricating oil for the engine, reduce wear and extend the life of the engine. Therefore, the oil filter needs to be replaced after the car has traveled for a certain number of kilometers. If it is not replaced, or the replacement is delayed, the performance of the car will be affected.

Inferior oil filter

A $1 machine filter ruined your fully synthetic motor oil. In fact, this happens often, especially in small repair shops in third-, fourth- and fifth-tier cities. There was a piece of news on the Internet. After a certain car owner changed the oil, the engine sound was louder. When he changed to an auto repair shop, he found that his oil filter was spliced by Wanglaoji cans. One dollar of oil filter destroyed a barrel of fully synthetic high-grade oil.

How to choose an oil filter

All spin-on filters of high-end oil filters adopt the same requirements and standards as the oil filters of construction machinery and heavy trucks. The rubber ring at the oil inlet and outlet of the machine filter is also one of the references for judging the quality of the machine filter. You can remove the rubber ring and pinch it with your hands to feel the texture of the rubber ring. For a good machine filter, the material of the rubber ring will be very thick, and it will feel soft when pinched by hand to ensure the sealing around the inlet and outlet ports.