The importance of filter efficiency to the engine

The useful life of a vehicle is often determined by its key part-the engine.

Among them, the three filters are particularly important as an important player in protecting the engine. The engine is like the “heart” part of the human body, and a good filter is equivalent to the “kidney” part that removes toxins from the body.

During the operation of the diesel engine, the impurities deposited in the fuel system and the dust suspended in the air will pollute the diesel fuel, and the quality of the diesel fuel itself. Therefore, the fuel filter on the car is indispensable.

Diesel engines mostly use a high-pressure common rail fuel system. In order to ensure high-pressure injection, the system needs to precisely control injection pressure, injection flow, and injection time. The workmanship of its accessories is very delicate, so it has higher requirements for diesel quality, especially the control of diesel cleanliness, which is quite strict. If there is moisture or impurities in the diesel fuel that are not filtered clean, it will cause damage to the high-pressure pump of the injector for a long time. Impurities that are not filtered will directly cause wear and tear to the parts in the fuel injector, and damage to the fuel injector will cause problems such as unstable engine operation, reduced power, and increased fuel consumption, which will affect the normal operation of the vehicle.


In addition, the fuel with too high water content enters the engine, which will reduce its combustion efficiency and cause the engine to accelerate weakly. However, if you add low-quality diesel oil, its sulfur content is high, and it will easily react with water to produce sulfuric acid during combustion, which will gradually erode engine parts and reduce the service life of the truck.

At the same time, the components of the high-pressure common rail system are very expensive. If the electronic control injector is damaged, the maintenance cost is quite high. In comparison, the price of the filter is much more gentle, and the price is second, mainly to ensure the truck’s performance is intact, prolong the service life of the vehicle, reduce maintenance costs, and save worry and effort.

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Post time: Jun-15-2021