The fatal danger of poor quality auto parts! !!

Everyone knows that food will expire after a long time. Do you know that auto parts will also expire? So what kind of fatal harm will the “inferior parts and expired parts” on our car bring us?

1.Air filter

True and false filtration performance is about 10 times higher! The service life differs by about 2 accompany.

Hazard: Long-term use of fake air filters can cause a large amount of dust to enter the engine and cause serious damage to the engine.


Counterfeit antifreeze liquids have a very rapid volatilization rate, and inorganic salts are very easy to precipitate. They are also highly corrosive to metals, so they cause great damage to automobile engines.

Hazard: The vehicle cooling system is rusted, and the water pump wheel of the water pump falls off.

3.Brake pads

After experiments, cars with counterfeit brake pads have a braking distance that is 30% longer than those with pure brand brake pads.
Hazard: Brake pads are critical components to ensure the safe driving of human beings. If counterfeit brake pads are used, it is likely to cause brake failure during driving, fail to control the speed of the vehicle, cause danger to life, and bring extremely serious consequences.


Poor quality headlights often have insufficient brightness, inconsistent focal length, too close range, insufficient vehicle lighting, and the sight distance of the owner during driving is affected, giving the illusion that accidents such as rear-end collisions are prone to occur.

Hazard: Seemingly harmless and inferior parts, such as unqualified light distribution performance and poor optical performance, the safety of the car under special conditions will be greatly affected. Inferior headlights produce fog, insufficient brightness, inconsistent focal length, and close range, which seriously affects driving safety and easily causes major accidents

5.Left and right tie rods of steering machine and left and right half shaft dust cover

This kind of oil-resistant rubber products, the authentic dust-proof cover is oil-resistant and soft, and has high elasticity, while the fake dust-proof cover rubber is not oil-resistant, hard, poor in elasticity, and easy to age and rupture. Once broken, sediment and water enter the steering knuckle and half. Shaft ball cage

Hazard: Causes the steering knuckle and axle shaft ball cage to wear, and even falls off during exercise, causing the vehicle to lose control and cause a car accident.

Post time: Feb-05-2020