Should you replace the oil filter element with oil?

So, should you replace the oil filter element with oil?
First of all, it is recommended that you must choose a filter element produced by a regular manufacturer.        The oil filter element has a simple structure, and its internal filter paper and some important parts are also difficult to distinguish from each other. Therefore, a variety of cottage filter elements are emerging endlessly, and the price is low, so some users buy fake and inferior products in order to save money, and remind you that these irregular channels can not only provide good protection to your love machine, or even Causes certain damage, once the impurities are mixed in the machine, it is worth the loss.

Oil filter replacement steps:
Step 1: Drain the waste engine oil
       First drain the waste engine oil from the fuel tank, place the old oil container under the oil pan, open the drain bolt, and drain the waste engine oil. When draining the engine oil, try to allow the engine oil to drip for a while, and ensure that the waste oil is discharged cleanly. (By using the engine oil, a lot of impurities will be generated. If it is not cleanly discharged during replacement, it will easily block the oil path, cause poor oil supply, and cause structural wear.
filter 1
Step 2: Remove the old oil filter
       Move the old oil container under the machine filter and remove the old filter element. Be careful not to contaminate the inside of the machine with waste oil.
       Step 3: Preparations before installing the oil filter
       This step tells everyone to replace the new machine filter without first filling the filter element with oil.
       There are two ways to install the oil filter element, the common one is vertical installation, and many small digging machine filters are installed horizontally. The installation method is different, so there are two cases of oil filling:
       First of all, the vertically installed oil filter element is connected to the oil pump through an oil pipe. In this installation method, it is generally recommended to replace the machine filter and fill the filter element with oil. If the new machine filter is not full of oil, air resistance will be generated inside the new filter element, which will cause a lack of oil lubrication in the machine for a short time when the car is in the car, which will cause structural wear. The advantage of the vertical installation method is that the filter element has better sealing performance and less oil leakage occurs.
filter 2filter 2

Besides, the horizontally installed oil filter element is directly connected to the oil pump without passing through the oil pipeline. This design does not generate air resistance inside the filter when filling the oil tank with oil, and the filter element does not need to be moved to the inside before installation Fill with oil, while filling the engine oil tank with new oil, the oil filter can be filled directly with oil.
       Step 4: Install a new oil filter
       Check the oil outlet at the installation position of the oil filter element, and clean up the dirt and residual waste oil. Before installation, first put a sealing ring on the oil outlet, and then screw the new filter slowly. The filter should not be tightened too much. Generally, after tightening by hand, use a wrench to tighten 3/4 The circle is fine. Note that when installing a new filter element, do not use excessive force with a wrench, otherwise the seal ring inside the filter element will be easily damaged, resulting in poor sealing effect and no filtering effect!
       Step 5: Fill the oil tank with new oil
filter 3

Finally, pour new oil into the oil tank, and if necessary, use a funnel to prevent the oil from pouring out of the engine. After filling, check again for leaks in the lower part of the engine.        If there is no leakage, check the oil dipstick to see if the oil is filled to the upper line. It is recommended to add it to the upper line. In the daily work process, you should also regularly check the dipstick. If the oil is less than the offline, you should add it in time.        A small oil filter element may seem inconspicuous, but it has an irreplaceable position in construction machinery. If the engine oil in the engine directly enters the lubricating oil path without being filtered by the filter element, the impurities contained in the engine oil will be brought into the metal friction surface, which will accelerate the wear of the parts and reduce the service life of the engine. Although it is extremely simple to replace the oil filter element, the correct operation method can prolong the service life of the machine.


Post time: Feb-11-2020