Maintenance and maintenance of Construction Filters machinery and equipment in winter


Construction machinery is generally used less frequently in winter construction, and due to the low temperature, the overall temperature of the mechanical equipment engine is severely affected. Gasoline and diesel cannot obtain the same thermal efficiency as summer, and the mechanical equipment will automatically increase the fuel injection rate. To achieve the purpose of maintaining a suitable temperature, the fuel consumption of mechanical equipment has increased significantly.

In addition, in a lower temperature environment, the viscosity of the engine oil will increase, and greater resistance will be encountered during the starting process. While cold starting is difficult, it will cause increased wear. If you ignore the maintenance in winter, it will cause equipment problems, even in the second year of use, it will cause a series of problems, leading to lower construction quality or directly affecting the construction progress, or even making the construction project unable to proceed smoothly.


Maintenance and maintenance of construction machinery and equipment in winter

1.Do a good job of daily oil inspection

(1) Use multi-grade lubricating oil. Choosing the right lubricating oil can protect the engine. Choose the corresponding lubricating oil according to the temperature of the location. For example, you should choose 0W or 5W lubricating oil in the north, and you can choose 10W, 15W or 20W oil in the warmer areas in the south.

(2) It should be noted that the equipment can be shut down for 3-5 minutes after starting the machine to check the oil. For oil dipstick measurement, the standard is between H-L, the more you put, the less you add. At the same time, feel the quality of the oil on the oil dipstick with your hands. If there are rough and obvious particles, you should change the oil in time. Replace the oil filter when necessary. For construction machinery used under sandy and dusty conditions, it is also necessary to appropriately shorten the lubricating oil replacement cycle.

(3) When each diesel engine enters the winter (generally when the temperature is lower than 5℃), the changeover switch on the filter seat should also be turned to the “winter” use position.

2.Regularly replace the filter element

The filter element is equivalent to the human “lung and liver” in construction machinery and equipment! It can filter out dust and impurities in air, oil, fuel, and hydraulic oil, keep these impurities away from the engine and hydraulic pump, thereby protecting the engine and hydraulic system. The role of the filter element of construction machinery is very important, and timely replacement of the filter element is more important for the machine. In actual work, mechanical accidents caused by the user’s negligence and forget to replace the filter element often occur.


3.Starting the engine at low temperature

(1) Generally, the temperature is below 5℃, the engine should be warmed up before starting, and then start after warming up (mainly preheating the temperature of the cylinder, and then heating the temperature of the mist diesel, because the general diesel engine is compression ignition) ;

(2) For diesel engines equipped with electric preheating device and decompression device, try to preheat and decompress when starting.

(3) When starting at low temperature due to the high viscosity of the oil, the lubricating oil will be insufficient for a short period of time and cannot be spread all over the lubrication points. At this time, if the engine is running at high speed, it may cause increased wear of the crankshaft, camshaft and rocker shaft. It will cause serious accidents such as cylinder pulling and tile burning. Therefore, the engine should be idling for a period of time after starting, and full load operation should be allowed only when the water temperature of the diesel engine is higher than 55°C and the oil temperature is higher than 45°C; the water temperature and oil temperature of the engine should not exceed 95°C during operation. The oil temperature of the torque converter should not exceed 110°C.

(4) It is relatively difficult to use the vehicle in winter. It is recommended that each start should not exceed 8 seconds. If it cannot be started, the start switch should be released, and the second start should be performed after parking for 1 minute. After the engine is started, idling for a period of time (not too long, too long will form carbon deposits on the inner wall of the cylinder, causing the cylinder to be pulled), one is to charge the battery, and the other is to make the water temperature reach 55℃ and the air pressure to 0.4Mpa, then Start driving again.

(5) When the temperature is lower than 0℃, the cooling water in the water tank, engine, oil cooler, and torque converter oil cooler should be discharged after working every day to avoid freezing and cracking; there is water vapor in the air reservoir of the loader. Frequent discharge to prevent freezing and causing brake failure. If antifreeze has been added, do not release it.



Post time: Dec-28-2021