Judging the Quality of the Car Filter is a Little Common Sense

All filters have the function of protecting engine parts, cleaning and prolonging the service life of the engine. From the surface of various filters and the length of use of the filters, it is not correct to determine whether the filter is good or bad, and the real determination of the filter The quality of the device should be considered first from the following aspects:

1  Filter Quality

The quality of filter paper is related to filter efficiency. The filter paper of good quality and the filter paper of poor quality are similar on the surface. Only when they are inspected by the inspection equipment of a professional factory, there can be obvious differences.

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The most obvious is that the density of the filter paper is different. The density of the good filter paper is much higher than that of the poor filter paper. Moreover, the good filter paper can filter more impurities, iron and dust in the system; while the poor quality filter paper filters the impurities. , iron, dust and other substances are relatively few, can not play a protective role, so it is easier to wear the relevant parts of the engine.

2  Filter Efficiency

The filtration efficiency of the filter is also determined by the quality of the filter paper used. The filtration efficiency of the filter is more than 96% to be regarded as a qualified product.

At the same time, at the same place, and at the same place, the use of filters from different manufacturers is different, and there are obvious differences in the driver’s feeling of the engine and the smoke level of the vehicle’s exhaust during the starting and driving of the engine.

GHL filter has always been focusing on quality. When designing the filter, it fully considers the performance indicators of the filter, and constantly puts forward higher requirements for the application of the product, so that the product can meet the requirements of various conditions. The filtration accuracy requirements of the engine under various conditions.

3  Adhesive Material for Filter Paper and Endcap

4  Production Process

The production process is the backing to ensure the quality of the product. There are many production links of the filter. How to ensure that the filter can protect and purify during use, as well as ensure the flow and ensure the normal operation of the engine, requires the process guarantee of each link of the production process.


Tianjin Golden Hugeline Co.,Ltd is located in Tianjin,China,the company export department was established in 2010,and the registered capital is 3000000 yuan. Our company specializes in the research and development, production and serving the automotive filtration market more than 20 years.So far the company covers an area of 12,000 square meters, with a clean workshop of more than 4,800 square meters.

All GHL filter products use original filter material, which has higher filtration accuracy and more effective protection of the engine; high-strength galvanized shell, anti-corrosion, high pressure resistance, safer and more reliable use; oil-resistant, high-temperature resistant 130 ℃, low temperature resistance -45 ℃ high-quality sealing ring; professional customized original oil cup, oil resistance, high and low temperature resistance, longer service life.

When buying a filter, it is recommended that you choose regular channels to buy regular products. Although the price is slightly expensive, the quality is guaranteed, and the filtration accuracy is higher and the service life is longer.

Post time: Apr-22-2022