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Diesel fuel filter is one of the important components to ensure the quality of diesel engine oil intake. Function: High-quality Diesel fuel filters can effectively block the dust and moisture entrained in diesel fuel, and can effectively extend the service life of fuel injection pumps, diesel nozzles and other filter elements.


1 Types of diesel engine filters

Diesel engines have four filters for air, oil, fuel, and cooling water, generally called “four filters”. They are respectively responsible for the filtering of impurities in the engine air intake system lubrication system, combustion system and cooling water system.

The role of the diesel fuel filter is very large, so it is necessary to choose a high-quality and qualified diesel fuel filter to protect the common rail system.

First, make sure you choose a reliable gas station to fill with qualified fuel. The diesel fuel filter is the last barrier to protect the fuel system. Compared with the traditional fuel system technology, the common rail system is higher and more precise, and requires a high-quality fuel filter dedicated to the common rail system


2 Harm of inferior Diesel fuel filter

  1. The rated flow is insufficient and the filter is overloaded, which affects the power performance of the vehicle and the service life of the fuel system.
  2. The filter paper has large pore size, poor uniformity, small surface area and low filtration efficiency, resulting in early wear of the fuel system and engine.
  3. Oil-water separation failure, fuel components and engine corrosion.
  4. The internal bonding of the filter is not firm or the seal fails, resulting in a short circuit of the filter element, which cannot filter out impurities, resulting in wear and tear of the fuel system and engine.


3 Tips for Using Diesel fuel filters: Avoid Six Misunderstandings

Misunderstanding 1: It doesn’t matter what diesel fuel filter you use, as long as it doesn’t affect the current operation

Tip: The effects of poor quality filters on the fuel system and engine are hidden and may not be noticed right away, but by the time the damage has accumulated to a certain extent, it will be too late.

Misunderstanding 2: The quality of the diesel fuel filter is almost okay, and there is no problem with changing it frequently

Tips: The measure of filter quality is not only the life of the filter, but also the filtration efficiency of the filter. If a filter with low filtration efficiency is used, even if it is replaced frequently, it cannot effectively protect the fuel system. .

Misunderstanding 3: A filter that doesn’t have to be changed often is definitely the best filter

Tip: Sometimes high-quality filters are replaced more frequently because they are more effective at removing impurities.

Misunderstanding 4: Diesel fuel filters only need to be replaced regularly

Tips: Diesel oil contains water. When replacing the filter regularly, remember to check the filter regularly and drain water regularly.

Misunderstanding 5: Regular replacement of oil and filter is important, but regular replacement of diesel fuel filters is not so important

Tips: If the diesel fuel filter is not regularly drained and replaced regularly, it will also cause damage to the fuel system and the engine. It is recommended to regularly check the regular water release and replace it every 10,000 kilometers.

Misunderstanding 6: A high-quality diesel fuel filter is more expensive, and a cheap filter is covered under warranty even if it fails

Tips: The manufacturer has the right to refuse to pay for the damage caused by the user’s improper use. The price of fuel system or engine maintenance is often dozens of times or even higher than the price of high-quality filters. Whether it is in warranty or out of warranty, it is not a wise choice to use inferior filters.

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