How to choose air filter How to choose a truck air filter? How to choose more cost-effective?


Air filter is the most important part of the three filters to protect the machine, because the quality of oil and fuel is controllable, the quality of air is the most uncontrollable, and the impurities in the air are the type that needs to be properly filtered.

A good air filter must have several dimensions to investigate

01  Strength


facyoryThe air filter industry does not have an exact industry reference standard, and the comprehensive evaluation factors are too many and too complicated, and it needs to be dismantled and tested, which is not suitable for understanding.

Therefore, I think the strength of air filter manufacturers is more important. The poorer manufacturers will falsely mark some technical parameters. For example, cheap air filters are everywhere. Then we have to take a look at it after we buy it? So don’t look for cheap from those bad manufacturers, basically you can’t take advantage of them.

02 Judging from visual observation, high-quality air filters have the following characteristics


1. The folding number is uniform, there is no obvious deformation, the folding height is relatively high, and the dust holding capacity is large;

2. The filter paper is smooth and has no obvious odor;

3. The rubber cover air filter in the high-quality air filter, the rubber cover is moderately soft and hard, and fits well during installation, is not easy to deform, and prevents dust from entering through the gap;

4. The iron cover air filter in the high-quality air filter has high processing precision and is installed in place.

03    From the perspective of technology and production

1. Filter paper is the key part of the filter element. First of all, we must choose the right filter paper.


2. Choose a suitable polyurethane foam material: the end face has good flexibility and good resilience. With temperature changes, the stability is still very good, the compression is not large, and the size is precisely matched with the air filter assembly to prevent entry Air short circuit.

3. The origami process of air filter is one of the key links in the production of air filter, with regular intervals between each layer:

Prevent the filter paper from sticking and stacking-improve the dust holding capacity of the filter paper

Stickiness of the filter paper-in a high humidity environment, the dust holding capacity of the filter paper will be greatly reduced;

Test results-increased service life: 50%

It is understandable that users purchase and replace equipment consumables to save maintenance costs, but not everyone can accurately determine product quality, which also provides opportunities for inferior products.

Quickly identify and select high-quality air filters through the above points to ensure that sufficient and clean air enters the air compressor, avoid shortening the maintenance period, machine damage and other losses, and greatly reduce the overall operating cost.

Post time: May-19-2021