Can you identify fake diesel filters? How inferior is fake diesel filter?

Can you identify fake diesel filters?

If you suddenly encounter difficulties in starting, increased fuel consumption, black smoke from the exhaust pipe, etc. during driving, it will seriously affect normal driving. This may be the reason for installing a fake diesel filter (that is, three non-inferior products), which may Caused by oiler wear.

Why is the filter paper deformed?

Before it was dismantled, we weren’t sure if it was a low-quality diesel filter.     The diesel filter assembly is integrated, so you need to open it with a cutting tool. After dismantling the tank, you can clearly see that the folds on the surface of the diesel filter element have clearly deformed, and the gaps between the folds have become uneven This will change the filtering area of ​​the filter element and reduce the fuel throughput.

oil filter
According to our previous disassembly experience, if this is the case with genuine diesel filters, this will not happen.

oil filter 2
It can be seen that the filter element folds have no deformation at all, and the structure is very complete. So what causes the filter element to deform?     The function of the wood filter is to filter out impurities in the fuel. Normally, a good quality filter element will become black and dirty after a long period of use. There are no foreign matters such as impurities or sludge in the fuel on the surface. Why is this? Where are all the debris in the diesel?

oil filter3
The filter element of the genuine diesel filter should be a closed loop. The fuel entering the diesel filter must be filtered by the filter element before it can be delivered to the engine. The connection of the inferior diesel filter is not closed and is directly opened, so the diesel filter is completely lost Function, the fuel does not pass through the filter paper, but directly enters the engine through the opening.

oil filter 45

If your truck is equipped with such a diesel filter, the engine always burns unfiltered fuel, and it is no wonder that it can be used for a long time without problems. This also answers the question of why there is no impurity on the surface of the filter element. As for the black color, it should be caused by long-term soaking in diesel.
oil filter 5

The disassembly of the filter element is roughly the above situation. As for why the filter paper is deformed? There are mainly the following reasons. First, the strength of the filter paper itself is not easy to mutate for a long time. Second, the filter paper has poor fuel permeability and is liable to deform under the action of oil pressure. Third, the filter paper has no fixed seal and adhesive. It is easy to deform the filter paper when it falls off
Let's summarize the main performance of inferior diesel filters
1. The filter element is not closed, which makes the diesel filter ineffective and cannot remove impurities in the fuel and damage the engine;
          2. The filter element has poor workmanship, the adhesive comes off, and debris enters the engine, which easily damages the injector;
          3, filter paper cut corners, the strength is not enough, it is easy to deform and reduce the filtering area;
          4. The rubber filter base is not provided with a rubber seal; part of the fuel entering the engine is not filtered;
          5. The fixing device of the water collecting cup is unreasonable, and cannot be disassembled normally after being soaked in fuel for a long time;

    Looking at these major inferior performances, you will find that they are all inside the diesel filter and are invisible when buying, which has caused many drivers to suffer. The only clue that we can discern the authenticity is the brand and the selling price, reminding everyone not to use cheap fuel filters for cheap, if it causes engine problems, it is not the price of a fuel filter that can be repaired.
When buying diesel filters, it is recommended that you choose regular channels to buy genuine products. Although the price is a bit more expensive, the quality is guaranteed.



Post time: Feb-14-2020