In daily operation, many users are familiar with the construction of the filter.
Often causes the diesel filter to be the same,
The three precision parts that cause the generator, especially the fuel system, are sharply worn, causing damage
At present, domestic diesel generators are simple to use, small in size, small in quality, and good in filtering effect.
And a low-cost paper diesel filter.
The paper filter is mainly composed of an aluminum filter, a steel plate stamped outer casing and a paper filter.
The oil inlet of the filter cover is connected to the oil pump.
The oil outlet is connected to the fuel injection pump.
The oil return pipe joint is connected to the injector oil pipe,
The cover can also be vented,
Inside the paper filter assembly is a drum with a lot of small holes.
a special filter paper that is folded on the outside,
Both ends are glued and sealed with a cover plate.
After the diesel enters the filter,
Through the filter paper,
Collected in the filter drum,
Then through the oil outlet to the fuel injection pump.
The impurities and moisture accumulated in the bottom of the casing are discharged by the oil drain plug at the lower portion of the casing.


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