Why can’t the oil filter be reused!

The oil maintenance of the car is cyclical. When the number of kilometers reaches or the time node, the oil must be changed. So why do you have to change the machine filter when you change the oil?

First of all, what is the role of machine filtration?
The automobile filter is also called “oil filter”, and the function of the machine filter is to filter the impurities in the oil flowing in the lubrication system. After the engine has been in operation for a while, some impurities will be produced.
There are two main types of these impurities: one is the metal scrap that the engine parts wear during operation; the other is the black clay-like organic matter (carbon deposit) caused by chemical changes in the high temperature state of the engine during engine operation. ). These impurities are mixed in the oil as the oil moves through the lubrication system.


Then, must the machine filter be replaced at the same time as the oil maintenance?
Yes, it must be replaced. If the machine filter is not replaced, about 25% of the pollutants in the old machine filter will re-enter the oil circulation, which not only increases the chance of engine wear, but also reduces the performance of the new oil. Therefore, while changing the oil, the machine filter must be replaced, which is also beneficial to extend the life of the engine.


Since the machine filter is changed every time, can the oil be replaced?

No, the oil has been used for a long time and will lose its original performance. When the oil is lubricated, it will have a certain cooling effect. In fact, in simple terms, the oil filter can only filter out the metal debris mixed in the oil, it is useless for the dust inside! Therefore, we need to change the oil filter regularly, and also need to change the oil according to the maintenance manual!

Post time: Sep-10-2019
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