The role of the fuel filter is 60,000 km.

What happens if the fuel filter is not changed? Let’s talk about what effect the car fuel filter does not change, what changes should be noted when using it, and how many kilometers to replace the filter.

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The fuel filter is like a mask. If the air filter can not effectively filter out the suspended particles in the air, the lighter will accelerate the wear of the cylinder, the piston and the piston ring, and the cylinder will be injured and shorten the service life of the engine.
Maintenance method for air filter: When using air filter, it is not only cheap but not quality. Should shop around, carefully purchase, always insist on quality first.truck-parts-air-filters-element-26510362-C11103

Tests have shown that after the air filter is removed, the engine cylinder wear is increased by 8 times, the piston wear is increased by 3 times, and the piston ring wear is increased by 9 times. Contact maintenance and replacement is actual. The maintenance and replacement cycle of the air filter is related to the operating environment. It is often driven in a dusty environment. The maintenance or replacement cycle of the air filter should be shorter, and vice versa.
The old car inspection method for the working condition of the air filter is to check from the working state of the engine, such as the roaring sound, the slow acceleration, the weak work, the increase of the water temperature, and the increase of the exhaust smoke when accelerating. Indicates that the air filter may be clogged. The filter element should be removed or replaced in time.
When maintaining the air filter, pay attention to the color change of the inner and outer surfaces of the filter element. After the dust is removed, if the outer surface of the filter paper is cleaned and the inner surface is bright, the filter can continue to be used; if the outer surface of the filter paper has lost its natural color or the inner surface is dark, it must be replaced. It is about to block or use a steam filter with a long number of kilometers and a poor circulation. The initial performance is that the high-speed engine is worried, and the low speed has little effect. However, there is a steam filter in the district. It is not necessary to wait until he is dead and the vehicle is in the armpit.OEM-Auto-Parts-Lubrication-System-Types-Of (3)

If it is not replaced, the “gasoline” after the filter is burned, and the inside of the engine is prone to problems such as carbon deposition, dead fire, and power loss.
In addition, when it comes to fuel consumption, when the effect of fuel filter filtration is not good, gasoline is definitely not completely burned into the combustion chamber. Because the combustion is not complete, the power does not reach the ideal speed, so it is very natural. Stepping on the gas pedal, in this case, the fuel consumption will follow.
The function of the fuel filter is to filter the gasoline. Now the oil is not so good. The fuel filter is connected with the gasoline pump. If there are too many impurities in the gasoline, the fuel injector will be blocked, resulting in poor oil supply. Or the fuel filter does not filter well. Impurities enter the engine. The internal parts of the engine are running at high speed. If the time is long, the engine will be damaged and the engine will operate normally.

Now the fuel filter is usually a paper filter and the outer casing is made of hard plastic. When the fuel filter is clogged, the resistance of the filter element will increase, the flow of gasoline will not flow smoothly, and the oil supply will be affected. Therefore, the fuel filter element should be replaced in time. Gasoline filter cartridges are usually replaced once when driving 10,000 kilometers. Gasoline filter cartridges are consumables and should be replaced in time. If the throttle is slow and the fire is repeated several times, it is necessary to consider whether the fuel filter has been replaced.
If you want to replace the fuel filter, if you want to buy a gasoline filter to replace it, you need to buy a good quality filter. The fuel filter is divided into two types: electric spray type and carburetor type. The electro-spray type is located at the outlet of the oil pump, and the pressure is relatively large, generally metal. The carburetor type is located at the inlet of the oil pump, and the pressure is small. The material is generally nylon.

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