How to properly maintain the car engine? Many old drivers don’t know!

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The car engine is completely the “heart” of a car, which provides power for the car’s walking. It is related to the power, economy and environmental protection of the car. It is also related to the personal safety of the driver and passengers. Therefore, the basics of car engine maintenance are mastered. Knowledge is very important.

How long is the life of an engine?

Under normal circumstances, the life of a car engine is generally between 10-20 years. The better the maintenance, the longer the life. According to its design standards, the basic life expectancy is about 15 years. You can maintain a good maintenance. You can drive to 20 years and the number of kilometers is more than 600,000. If you wait for it, the condition is almost the same. About 10 years, this car, you don’t want to open it yourself.

And some car owners love their car very much, not only regularly clean the carbon in the engine, usually try to drive on a flat road, often change the oil filter and antifreeze, no overload, no water shortage, the last car opened twenty The year is still fine.
5 ways to properly maintain the engine, come and take it!

Timely maintenance

Many friends have neglected the maintenance of car engines, often waiting for problems to be maintained; in general, the timely maintenance of car engines is directly related to car performance. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the car, regular maintenance is required.

The engine should not be idle

Many friends like to use idling to heat up, so the speed is very low, the oil can not enter the engine evenly, but the engine wear and even the atomization situation, but accelerate the damage of engine parts, it should be in the engine After a few seconds of starting, turn the temperature up quickly instead of idling.

Clean the intake pipe regularly

The intake pipe is also the intake system of the car engine. If the intake pipe is dirty, it is more dust. If the intake pipe is not smooth, it will increase the wear and aging of the engine and shorten the service life of the engine. Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep the vehicle in good working condition for a long time, so as to save fuel and improve power, and extend its “life”.

Regularly change oil and oil filter

The replacement of oil, some friends are also easy to ignore, the addition of more oil, affecting the car’s performance, lost the lubrication, these engine wear will accelerate, the internal accumulation of dirt, affecting the use of the engine. The oil filter should be replaced simultaneously when changing the oil.
Regularly change the air filter

The air filter is the intake system of the engine. If the air filter is not cleaned regularly, it will easily accumulate dust and affect the efficiency of the engine. Be sure to pay attention to the replacement, otherwise the engine is also easy to damage.

Filter blockage can affect engine intake, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion, and some fuel is discarded without utilization, so to ensure engine performance, the air filter should be checked regularly.

Post time: Jun-28-2019

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