How should the filter be changed? Otherwise the new injector will be broken! !

If diesel and lubricating oil are compared to human blood, the filter is equal to the human kidney. Since it is equal to the kidney, the importance is self-evident, and its working state is directly related to the performance and life of the engine. Although people have become more and more aware of filters, they know that inferior filters can easily destroy expensive injectors, but they don’t know that the wrong installation process is equally dangerous.

Some people may say, “It’s not difficult to change the filter. Just remove it and screw it on.” Indeed, the replacement process is very simple, but many people have made irreparable mistakes in this simple process. What is wrong with that? It is to fill the inside of the filter before installing the filter.

It is very common to fill the inside with oil before installing the filter. Most people, whether diesel or oil filters, do this. In fact, it is understandable that the oil filter is filled with oil before installation, because the new oil has better cleanliness, and the oil filter cannot be manually vented. After filling the oil, the time for the oil to reach the lubrication part can be reduced. Protect the role of the engine. However, if the diesel filter is operated in this way, it will have the opposite effect.


The method of removing oil by means of pre-filling oil through the filter is actually a long history, and it can be traced back to the time when the diesel engine was just popularized. At that time, almost all diesel engines used mechanical pump fuel injection systems. The cleanliness requirements of fuel oil were not very high. In addition, the displacement of the hand pump was small and the reliability was poor, which made it difficult to remove the filter after replacing the filter. At that time, people invented this kind of workaround for pre-filling and venting. I have to admit that this method is really very effective.


Since the engine entered the common rail era, the fuel system, especially the injector, has become very precise. A little bit of impurities may cause expensive injectors to be scrapped. However, many people have to replace the filter. Continue to use the previous oil filling method, resulting in unfiltered diesel directly into the inner cavity of the filter. If the diesel contains particulate impurities, it will directly cause the injector to wear and damage.

The correct replacement method is to first remove the old filter, then directly install the new filter on the filter base, then loosen the venting bolt on the base or the oil pump, press the hand pump to vent until the The new filter fills up and there are no air bubbles on the exhaust bolts. Since the filter inside the filter has a large filtering area and a large capacity, the process of exhausting may be slow, so don’t be bothered, press the hand pump several times.

Post time: Sep-02-2019
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