Harm of inferior filter

The true and false of auto parts and accessories For those who are not auto repair industry, it is really difficult to distinguish between true and false! The appearance of inferior products is almost the same as that of the real products. Many car owners have caused some damage to the other parts of the car in order to save some expenses, which in turn caused greater economic losses!

Harm of poor quality oil filter


1. Inferior oil filter paper is poor in material, it is difficult to achieve the filtering effect required by the automobile engine, and the filter area is smaller than the original oil filter of the spare parts, the filtering efficiency is poor, and the service life is short;
2. Inferior oil filter often has no bypass valve. Once the filter is clogged, the engine will not be able to obtain sufficient oil lubrication. In severe cases, the engine will jump, burn, or even scrap.
3. The inferior oil filter does not suppress the oil return after the flameout, and the mechanical wear of the engine during cold start increases, reducing the engine life;
4. Inferior oil filter rubber seal ring material is poor, the seal ring is deformed under high temperature and high pressure, which can not effectively seal, so that the oil leaks.

Harm of inferior fuel filter


1. The filter element used in the inferior fuel filter is poor in material quality, and the filtering effect is poor. The impurities in the gasoline easily block the injector, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption, engine shake, and serious damage to the injector;
2. Inferior fuel filter will make the oil supply pressure unstable and the oil pressure too low or too high. If the oil pressure is too low, the engine is difficult to start, the vehicle is insufficiently powered, and the oil pressure is too high, which will result in incomplete combustion of the gasoline, high fuel consumption and easy damage to the three-way catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor;
3, inferior fuel filter filter is not resistant to gasoline corrosion, block the oil circuit after falling off, will cause the engine can not start, the vehicle breaks down, resulting in damage to the engine.

Harm of inferior air conditioning filter

1. Inferior air conditioner filter material is hard and hard, usually adopts single layer filtration, easy to block, and has poor gas permeability;
2. The inferior air conditioner filter uses poor bonding materials, is easy to crack and damage, and has a short service life; the activated carbon is unevenly distributed and cannot effectively filter toxic gases;
3, inferior air conditioning filter filter dust and odor removal effect is poor, harmful gases in the air enter the car, causing damage to the human respiratory system, physical health is affected;
4, inferior air conditioning filter is easy to cause dust and foreign matter to accumulate on the evaporator, causing odor inside the car.

Post time: Aug-07-2019
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