Selection and use of construction machinery engine air filters

First, the function of the air filter

Air filter is one of the most important accessory products for construction machinery engines. It protects the engine, filters out hard dust particles in the air, provides clean air to the engine, prevents engine wear caused by dust, and reliability and durability to the engine. Play a key role.
Therefore, the selection and use of engineering machinery engine air filters must pay attention to the following aspects:
1. The structure and capacity of the air filter must meet the performance and working conditions of the engine.
2. The quality of the air filter must meet the national inspection standards.
3. The piping and connections to the air filter must be tightly sealed, airtight, and must be reliable and durable.
4. The position of the inlet of the air filter inlet pipe shall be located at the location where the dust is the least, no rain or snow, low temperature, no hot gas and exhaust gas, and corresponding measures shall be taken.
5. The air filter must be regularly serviced and replaced with a filter element.
6. In dusty environments and areas, it is necessary to use an air filter with an increased capacity, and the replacement period of the filter element should be shortened accordingly.

If the above points are not taken seriously, it will cause serious damage to the engineering machinery engine: for example, causing early wear of the engine cylinders, which in turn causes the engine to smash the engine oil, reduce the power, and advance the engine into overhaul.

Second, the basic parameters and selection principles of air filter products

The most basic technical parameter of an air filter is the air flow of the air filter, referred to as “flow”, expressed in cubic meters per hour (m/h), which represents the maximum air flow allowed through the air filter. Generally, the larger the allowable flow rate of the air cleaner, the larger the outer dimensions and the filter area of ​​the filter element, and the larger the capacity for accommodating dust.
The basic principle for selecting an air filter is that the rated air flow of the air filter must be greater than the air flow at the rated speed and rated power of the engine, ie the maximum intake air volume of the engine. At the same time, it is necessary to properly use large-capacity and high-flow air filters, as long as the installation space allows, which helps to reduce the resistance of the air filter, increase the dust storage capacity and extend the maintenance cycle.
The maximum intake air volume of the engine at rated speed and rated load is related to the following factors:
Engine displacement
2. Engine rated speed
3. The form of suction of the engine. Due to the action of the supercharger, the intake air volume of the supercharged engine is much larger than that of the naturally aspirated type.
4. The rated power of the supercharged model. The higher the degree of supercharging or the supercharged intercooling type, the larger the rated power of the engine and the larger the intake air amount.微信图片_20190705150125

Third, the basic structure and maintenance of the air filter

1. Swirl sheet (blade ring)
The air is rotated by the swirling sheet, and more than 80% of the dust is separated by the centrifugal force, and the dust is deposited in the dust collecting tray, so that the fine dust on the filter paper is about 20% of the suction amount.
2. Dust disk
The dust disk is the ash tray that collects the coarse dust from the swirling sheet.
3. Dust bag
The dust in the dust disk can be automatically collected and discharged into the dust bag under the vibration of the vehicle, and sometimes the user can open the bag mouth regularly to completely remove it.
4. Safety filter
In order to prevent accidents in the main filter element, sometimes it may be damaged or leaked, so a safety filter element is added to protect the engine from damage.
5. Rain cap
Prevent dust, foreign objects, rain or snow from entering the intake pipe directly.
6. Clog indicator
When the air filter needs maintenance and the intake resistance reaches the set value, the indicator light illuminates and a maintenance signal is issued, prompting the driver to immediately maintain or replace the air filter.
Air filter maintenance and precautions during use:
1. The filter element of the air filter must be cleaned regularly and inspected. When cleaning the air filter element, gently tap the end face of the filter element on the plate and use compressed air to blow back from the inside of the filter element for maintenance. Do not wash with oil or water.
2. If the filter plug is installed, the filter must be cleaned when the indicator is on.
3. Replace the air filter element in strict accordance with the instructions in the Maintenance Manual.
4. Clean the dust bag frequently, and do not make too much dust in the dust disk.
5. If it is in a dusty area, shorten the cycle of cleaning the filter element and replacing the filter element as appropriate.
6. After the filter element is maintained, it should be installed correctly. Do not miss the parts. Do not knock the air filter case flat. Otherwise, the filter element cannot be taken out for maintenance and replacement, and the dust bag should be vertically downward.

Post time: Jul-05-2019

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